Website Maintenance Program

A good web site isnít a one-time event, but rather an extensible communication tool that requires regular updates to remain valuable, relevant and compelling to your website visitors. There is always room for improvement! With a website maintenance program, we develop a strategy that allows for your website to constantly evolve, improve, grow in relevance, and most importantly - Stay at the Foreground of your Marketing Efforts. I've seen too many clients publish their website and then forget about it - forget that it should be a key component to their marketing strategy and that for most businesses, the first point of contact for potential customers. I've designed the Website Maintenance Program to help clients visualize ways to utilize their website, strengthen their marketing efforts and grow their business. We will look at how we can improve your site by; making key changes that will increase your site's Search Engine Optimization (SEO), by developing a strong content marketing strategy, develop an ongoing back-link strategy, promote current specials and promotions your business might be having, improve code and usability to keep visitors engaged and coming back, and much more.

Entering into a Website Maintenance Program agreement is entering into a 6-month contract. It guarantees that there will be active eyes on your site, looking for ways to improve conversions, search rankings, and looking for opportunities. The base amount of time I spend on your site is determined at the beginning of the contract. Additional programming time requested will be billed at a discounted rate. Each month you will be asked if there are any updates you'd like to make to your website. Once those updates have been implemented I will look at the following: fine-tuning keyword/keyword phrases, looking for potential improvements to website content and conversion rates, increasing back-links to your site, and exploring opportunities to help you grow your business.

For new clients, there is a one-time setup fee of $250.00. If I have developed your site, this fee is waved. This fee allows me to fully explore your website - front and back-end - and develop an initial plan of attack. Each month thereafter, you will receive an electronic invoice for that month's services, a request for updates and recommendations for other changes that could be implemented. You can cancel your contract at any time (with 30-days notice).

I work with only one client/industry so that I can ensure that efforts to improve one client will not negatively effect another.

If you would like to explore adding a Website Management Program to your business marketing efforts, contact me. As always, we start with a free initial consultation to determine your needs and goals.

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