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Having an effective website is one of the most important marketing tools your company will ever use. Your website is the digital face for your business. Your website frequently is the first impression your customers have of you. Does your website make a good impression? Does it reflect your company's products, services, even your personality? Does it engage your customers? Is it easy for them to get to where they need to be? Does your website achieve your marketing and sales goals? I like partnering with clients that are looking at smart ways to improve their business. I can help you engage with your customers through effective website design that connects to them. Ensure that your website is working to strengthen your brand, conveys the right messages, works seamlessly with your marketing efforts and ultimately increases your bottom line. Fill out the short form on the contact page and lets start talking about your goals and how I can help you to achieve them.

All good website design start with a strategy and with clearly defined goals. Sure, it can be pretty but if your website isn't bringing you more business can you say that it is truly effective? Your website strategy is where we begin. Starting with your free consultation I will help you determine the goals for your website. We will discuss what it is, what your website will represent, what your website should do and how your website should interact with your market. During this phase, I should be able to get a good understanding of your company, products and services, company culture and your current sales and marketing processes - all of which are important when it comes to developing your website strategy.

As part of my website development services, I help clients plan their site-map (the websites navigational structure) and offer guides and assistance in developing effective website content.

My design process: I am an intuitive designer. That means that after I understand your business, culture and goals I start kicking around design ideas. Guided by your website goals, I create a working concept as a springboard for conversation and development. From this point we engage in a push/pull process. I take your input from our initial website design concepts and make changes that I 'push' to you, then during our consultation about these designs I 'pull' additional information, details and needs that need to be edited into our concept. This collaborative back and forth allows for both of us to fully engage in the crucial design process for your website. And ends in a website design that you are proud of and that will work to accomplish your goals.

Search Engine Optimization: My goal is to give all my website design clients a strong platform for their SEO efforts. By using effective keywords/keyword phrases in code, image tags and content and ensuring that your website is properly indexed by major search engines, your website will launch with the ability to be competitive in your market. Bare in mind that these efforts are just the starting point. To be truly competitive online it is necessary to look at SEO as an ongoing process. See my Website Maintenance Program for more information.

Cross-Browser Compatibility: I am dedicated to ensuring that my websites work and look the same on all major browsers. To this end, I do extensive cross-browser compatibility checking. My goal is to make sure your website operates consistently in Internet Explorer 7 and above, Firefox (Mac and PC), Safari (Mac and PC), and Chrome (Mac and PC).

W3C Compliant: I strive to make all website designs I develop compliant with validated code.

What Type of Clients am I Looking For? More than a specific industry preference, I like to work with clients that are ready to be proactive when it comes to marketing their business. The design and development process for creating a website depends on a client's willingness to commit to the process. Just as I expect you to hold me accountable to meeting timeline and development goals, I hold my client accountable for providing me the information I need to ensure that their website is as effective as possible once launched.

How Do We Begin? All projects start with a free consultation. Contact me when you are ready to explore the development of a new or redesigned website. After the consultation - if we decide to proceed - I will provide a quote and request an initial retainer. Once the retainer is processed, the creative journey begins!

I look forward to hearing from you and working with you and your company to develop a website that not only captures your brand but achieves your goals.

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