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I have over 20-years experience in marketing and design, and I'm ready to share that expertise with you. If you are looking for a marketing partner that is dedicated to your success, that wants your website and other marketing items to be as effective as possible and stay within your available budget, I'd like to hear from you. I'd like to hear about your business, its unique marketing challenges, goals and help you develop a plan of action that builds success. Generally, this plan starts with creating a website - the new cornerstone of company brands - that; accurately reflects who you are, attracts the customers you want, and promotes your business/services confidently.

Website Design & Development

Having an effective website is one of the most important marketing tools your company will ever use. Your website is the digital face for your business. Your website frequently is the first impression your customers have of you. Does your website make a good impression? Does it reflect your company's products, services, even your personality? Does it engage your customers? Is it easy for them to get to where they need to be? Does your website achieve your marketing and sales goals? I like partnering with clients that are looking at smart ways to improve their business. I can help you engage with your customers through effective website design that connects to them. Ensure that your website is working to strengthen your brand, conveys the right messages, works seamlessly with your marketing efforts and ultimately increases your bottom line. Fill out the short form on the contact page and lets start talking about your goals and how I can help you to achieve them…

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Website Maintenance Program

A good web site isnít a one-time event, but rather an extensible communication tool that requires regular updates to remain valuable, relevant and compelling to your website visitors. There is always room for improvement! With a website maintenance program, we develop a strategy that allows for your website to constantly evolve, improve, grow in relevance, and most importantly - Stay at the Foreground of your Marketing Efforts. I've seen too many clients publish their website and then forget about it - forget that it should be a key component to their marketing strategy and that for most businesses, the first point of contact for potential customers. I've designed the Website Maintenance Program to help clients visualize ways to utilize their website, strengthen their marketing efforts and grow their business. We will look at how we can improve your site by; making key changes that will increase your site's Search Engine Optimization (SEO), by developing a strong content marketing strategy, develop an ongoing back-link strategy, promote current specials and promotions your business might be having, improve code and usability to keep visitors engaged and coming back, and much more…

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Blog Development

Blogging... I'm sure you've heard by now just what a powerful tool a blog can be for companies ≠ if used correctly. If you have been looking to create a blog for your company, I can help. You don't have to settle with a template blog that doesn't match your brand. Lets create something that matches you and your business. Working together, we will develop a strategy for blogging that realistically works for you…

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Social Media Strategy

What is your social media strategy? If your answer is "Facebook" then you could use my help. Applications like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, YouTube, etc. are not strategy but rather tools that are there to utilize your strategy once developed. They are, in fact, the last component added to any strategy…

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Collateral Print Design & Marketing

From business cards to billboards, brochures, trade show displays, product packaging, vehicle wraps or any other collateral marketing needs, I've done it. And I can help you. Ensure that your marketing materials stay consistent with your brand by working with an experienced designer. My goal is to always provide quality at a fair price and to help in every way I can to make your business more profitable…

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